Tor traffic

Tor traffic is visitors passing through the TOR network. Very used by hackers it will prevent you from automated attacks.

What is Tor ?

Tor, or The Onion Router, is a network for anonymizing TCP connections. This overlapping, parallel computer network is made up of servers, or nodes.
Tor is known to be used to protect against Internet surveillance by analytics tools and visited websites.
It also allows access to content, sites or services blocked by ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
Tor therefore aims to conceal the identity of its users as well as their online activity by separating routing and identification.
It is an implementation of onion routing, which encrypts and randomly resends communications through a network of relays run by volunteers.
These onion routers use encryption in a multi-layered manner (hence the onion) to ensure complete privacy between relays, thus providing users with anonymity.

Why Block Tor Traffic ?

Many sites block Tor Traffic, in fact the connections are anonymized.
As the Tor network is a public network, it is therefore open to everyone. Thus, it is used by:
⋅ People searching for sites banned in their country
⋅ Journalists wishing to keep their source anonymous
⋅ People who do not wish to be tracked or monitored
⋅ Activists and police services
⋅ Internet users searching for illegal content
⋅ Cybercriminals
Hackers and malicious people will use the Tor network to guarantee part of their anonymity.
They can also use a VPN to completely hide their tracks.

How to Block Tor Traffic ?

Blocking Traffic coming from Tor can be really useful to avoid both possible spam but also malicious and ill-intentioned people.
Despite the fact that the operation of Tor allows basic IP and TCP addresses to be hidden, it is intended, for the sake of transparency, that the IP addresses of the exit nodes are broadcast.
Thus, thanks to a list of IP addresses belonging to the Tor network, it is not possible to go back to the original IP but it is possible to block the exit address.
CloudFilt is an IP address blocking and reputation management tool. With CloudFilt, you can automatically prevent people using Tor networks from accessing and interacting with your site.
Obviously, you can whitelist IP addresses to allow people to access your site.
Don’t hesitate and block Tor Traffic from your site!

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