Account Takeover Protection - ATO

Account Takeover or ATO is an automated bot threat that cybercriminals use to brute force entry to an account. Credential Stuffing attacks crawl lists of leaked usernames/emails and passwords, using bots to continually test combinations on multiple sites until they are successful.

Account Takeover Protection or ATO Protection

According to an e-Commerce Fraud report in 2021, 23% of merchants worldwide are affected by Account Takeover!
To effectively protect yourself from Account Takeover, you can opt for a reliable and effective solution like Cloudfilt. You can also implement several sets of measures.

Monitoring logs and connections

By setting up a system to monitor and track suspicious account logins, you can check activities related to that account, blocking it if necessary.
However, setting up a log and connection monitoring system can be complicated and time-consuming, which is why we recommend the use of software specialized in Account Takeover Protection and Bot Management, such as CloudFilt.

Double-factor or multi-factor authentication

Double or multi-factor authentication helps secure user accounts.
Indeed, if an account tries to connect to a platform via another IP address, a different location or another device, we can ask them for proof that it is really them.
From there, several options are possible:
⋅ Receive a code on a phone number.
⋅ Receive a code on an email address other than the connection one, a recovery address.
⋅ Answer a secret question.
⋅ For applications with banking or confidential information, a facial application or fingerprint is also possible.
This is just one example of possible measures to take to prevent Account Takeover.
But the most effective way to do this is to use an efficient solution to block questionable connections and thus provide Account Takeover Protection.

Stop ATO for Free

Why choose CloudFilt for Account Takeover Protection

CloudFilt is a comprehensive bot management and WAF (Web Application Firewall) solution that detects and manages malicious bot traffic on your sites, web applications, and APIs.
The solution is able to distinguish between positive bot traffic (GoogleBot, SemrushBot, etc.), and suspicious traffic, based on in-depth analysis of user behavior, as well as artificial intelligence.

A simple and easy Account Takeover Protection solution

You are not a developer, or do not have technical skills in web development and integration?
No problem, CloudFilt has been designed to require no development.
Thus, the solution is very easily configurable on any site, application or web API!
For a site for example, simply add the URL of your domain to the tool dashboard, then indicate the CMS used, to see a piece of code appear (backend and frontend) to copy and paste on your website.
The tool is compatible with most CMS and e-commerce solutions on the market: WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Adobe Commerce, Drupal, Joomla!, etc.

View Account Takeover Protection information

Thanks to the CloudFilt Dashboard, you can monitor suspicious connection attempts in real time.
CloudFilt also provides access to a whole set of detailed and in-depth statistics on the number of bots analyzed, suspected and blocked as well as on the IP addresses representing a potential danger.
It is also possible to download and share these statistics in report form.

Whitelist or Block in real time

Thanks to its simple and easy-to-access interface, you can instantly block a suspected Account Takeover IP address.
But that's not all, if the solution considers that an IP address is suspicious, it will block it. However, if it is reliable for you, you can whitelist it and it will no longer be blocked by CloudFilt.

Protect yourself from all threats

Thanks to CloudFilt, you will no longer worry about Account Takeover but also other threats to your site, application or API such as:Protection DDoS
⋅ Prevent Bot Traffic from affecting you
⋅ Check the IP Risk Score and IP Reputation of IP addresses visiting your site
⋅ Protect yourself from Web Scraping
⋅ Prevent Spam Submissions
⋅ Avoid commercial fraud, i.e. bots that click on advertising links or fill out forms with the aim of distorting the system.
⋅ Protect your site from Inventory Hoarding
⋅ And other threats to your business

Advantageous and adapted pricing offers

CloudFilt offers several advantageous pricing offers tailored to customer needs.
CloudFilt offers a free version with no credit card required, which can process several thousand requests per month, with analysis of bot traffic (Web Scraping, Spams, Account Takeover, etc.), and IP reputation.
You can thus test the tool, before moving on to a more substantial offer which will cover all your needs.
Stop Account Takeover for Free

We stop only bad and malicious Bots

You will have a more global view of your visitors and their behavior. Indeed CloudFilt is the only solution to analyze the front and the back end at the same time.

Bot traffic
Web Scraping
Tor traffic
Spam Submissions
Proxy traffic
Fake Account Creation
IP reputation
Account Takeover
IP Risk Score
Web Fraud
Carding Fraud
Business logic
Inventory Hoarding
Marketing Fraud
Denial of service (DDoS)
Protection from automated threats
Blocking by country and continent(GDPR)

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*No credit card required
CloudFilt analyzes the whole behavior of the hacker/bot on the website, application & API from back and front end.