CloudFilt Bot Management

Protect your business from automated (bots) attacks

We offer the fastest and most secure bots detection and bots protection, which excludes all hostile bots from your APIs (and web applications) and gives priority to your real users.

Easy to install, requiring no code changes, CloudFilt is designed for extensive CMS integration.

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CloudFilt analyzes the whole behavior of the hacker/bot on the website, application & API from back and front end.

We stop only bad and malicious Bots

You will have a more global view of your visitors and their behavior. Indeed CloudFilt is the only solution to analyze the front and the back end at the same time.

Bot traffic

Web Scraping

Tor traffic

Spam Submissions

Proxy traffic

Fake Account Creation

IP reputation

Account Takeover

IP Risk Score

Web Fraud

Carding Fraud

Business logic

Inventory Hoarding

Marketing Fraud

Denial of service (DDoS)

Protection from automated threats

Blocking by country and continent(GDPR)

CloudFilt's integration options

Your traffic and bandwidth will be used by your real users & consumers. You will gain visibility, save costs and protect your business.

The best bot management solution

The analysis of the user's behavior in front and back coupled with our AI permits the detection of all bad bots.
CloudFilt is the new generation of WAF and Bot Management. A completely innovative solution that gives you maximum security without depending on it.


Very easy to use

CloudFilt is available on most CMS and used by the biggest websites in the world. An API is also available to connect to you easily.
We use artificial intelligence, however you can freely modify and configure your filter settings ...


Control your business, control & stop bad bots

Do like the biggest websites in the world, Try CloudFilt (No credit card required)

GDPR Ready
ISO/CEI 27001
HIPAA Compliant
CCPA Ready
BS 10012