Prevent bots, block bots, Anti-Bots, bots protection & Tor protection.

Full protection of your websites, webapps and APIs
Prevent, block & stop bad bots :
  • Bot traffic
  • Tor traffic
  • Web Scraping
  • Web Fraud
  • Business logic
  • Denial of service (DDoS)
  • ...

ZIWIT Enterprise has acquired CloudFilt

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Cloufilt app

Stop the bad and malicious bots

CloudFilt analyzes in real time the behavior of your users to detect those that represent a risk for your website, application & API.
Your traffic and bandwidth will be used by your real users & consumers.

You will gain visibility, save costs and protect your business.

Stop Web Scraping in Real-Time

Why Choose CloudFilt ?

Fast and simple
Quick install & conf

Don't need to be an expert or developer to install and configure CloudFilt in 30seconds.
And no credit card needed.

Full protection

CloudFilt detect and stop the most sophisticated bots.
Our Deep learning algorithms analyze every navigation.

Security & privacy

Your data is secured by HTTPCS and deleted every 7days.

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